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From 'F-Bomb' To 'Photobomb,' How The Dictionary Keeps Up With English

New words that enter the dictionary must meet three criteria, says Merriam-Webster lexicographer Kory Stamper: widespread use, sustained use and meaningful use. Originally broadcast April 19, 2017.

Ex-Director at Webster University Institute Gets Probation

A St. Louis woman who embezzled $375,000 from a Webster University institute was sentenced to probation and ordered to fill out a journal.

A word from 'The Simpsons' made it into the Merriam-Webster dictionary

Are you familiar with the words that adorn the statue of Jebediah Springfield? SEE ALSO: These old 'Simpsons' sketches are everything you need and more In the Simpsons episode "Lisa the Iconoclast," t...

These new additions to the dictionary should have been added long ago

Merriam-Webster has done a good job keeping up with the social media-fueled times as of late, often making headlines for promoting social issues in between harsh political burns on Twitter. The leadin...

A Phrase For Our Time: Merriam-Webster Adds 'Dumpster Fire' To Dictionary

Editor Peter Sokolowski predicts the phrase is here to stay. "It's been used so broadly in the last two to three years ... that people in the future will have to know what it meant."

In this dumpster-fire of a year, Merriam-Webster has embiggened its dictionary

Here's a "life hack" for all you "wordies" out there: If you want to stay abreast of linguistic trends, take a look at the 850 new words Merriam-Webster has added to its dictionary. The publisher anno...

Merriam-Webster adds entries for 'blockchain,' 'cryptocurrency' - CNET

The dictionary's website added 850 new words and definitions, including a few popular digital finance buzzwords.

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